How to regain the joy of life

The depressed mood, constant lack of energy, dull emotions … This disorder is called “distility” and is considered a mild form of depression. It can last a very long time, and most importantly – poisons life, taking away the ability to rejoice. But you can cope with it, if you start with small steps, the psychotherapist explains.

If you feel that you have lost control of your own life and for a long time (two years or more) experience longing, boredom and lack of energy, then it is possible that you suffer from distility. This is a mild form of depression, but it seriously poisons life, and sometimes leads a person to suicidal thoughts.

It must be borne in mind that the causes of this form of depression are not biological, unlike the one that accompanies bipolar disorder and other mental disorders. Someone arises in childhood in childhood (for example, if a child grows in a dysfunctional family), for someone in adulthood, if a person lacks vital skills or skills, or if he is characterized by dysfunctional thoughts and beliefs.

Dystymia develops usually like this:

  • There is some area in your life that does not suit you at all: it can be work, marriage, finances, and anything else can. Because

    of this, you are experiencing stress and strong anxiety for a long time.

  • Hormones that help you cope with stress announce surrender.
  • Your depression begins or you experience a breakdown, and this continues while your brain and body are trying to restore the normal state.
  • If you cannot solve (or refuse to solve) the problem, this cycle continues, and the longer you are the older.

Maybe you feel that you are bogged down in your unhappy marriage or in unloved work, or are forced to live in a place that is categorically not suitable for you. Or maybe you suffer due to the fact that you have missed some excellent opportunity and it is irreparable.

There can be many scenarios. But in any case, your life does not suit you and you feel more and more exhausted due to depression. And at the same time, even one thought of changes leads you into a stupor. Scary to change something in life. And serious changes are doubly afraid.

So how to find a cure for this depressing state? This will require some efforts, especially if your life needs thorough restructuring. But the first thing you need to do is to find at least something that can inspire you. It can be any lesson, if only it gives you real pleasure and adds the point to your life. Something feasible, feasible, for which I want to wake up in the morning.

Let it be a slight addition to your ordinary life, for example, a new hobby, some community where you will find pleasant interlocutors, the main thing is that you again feel alive. This “medicine” has no side effects, and thanks to it you will definitely feel an improvement. Consider any pleasant addition that you add to your life as a step up the stairs that leads you away from depression.

This first step is extremely important. Getting rid of distility is a process. It will not disappear by itself one day without any effort on your part. And to start and then support this process, you need to find what pleases you and allows you to feel good.

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